radioshowpic1This website is a showcase for my writing work. Since 1986, I have had features published in various regional newspapers magazines and current PR and other writing work I am doing at the moment in Cornwall.

Here is a link to my Mixcloud, where I have uploaded recent radio shows on SourceFM.

Please see the Sweet Sound PR to see recent PR work as well as published press releases in posts. I am currently providing all my PR resources to Aardvark Records.

Sophie in journalist modeOn the Editorial Services page, there are examples of my work I have done for publishing companies in an editorial or production role. these include proof-reading, sub-editing, copy writing and page design.

Lighting BrillianceHere is some feedback from editors I worked for recently: 

“In this time she has submitted many well researched, accessibly written and thought provoking articles and interviews. Particularly well received by Hearing Times readers, was Sophie’s interview with Jacob Casselden, a young actor who was born Deaf. This interesting and accessible piece explored the challenges faced by the 23 year old as he pursues his career on stage and in front of the camera. Sophie always pitches relevant ideas and reliably meets the deadline.” Read more 

Unfunny Comedian sketch
Acting in Unfunny Comedian sketch for Skinny Wrist Productions

“When she worked for me for a number of years at Mitre House Publishing as an editorial assistant across a range of mainly business to business titles, she showed a willingness and ability to funnel her boundless energy, enthusiasm and creativity into the disciplined structure of an editorial department – thus successfully undertaking reporting, interviewing and general editorial work.”

Read more

If you would like to know more, please follow this link: About Me

There are many ways to contact me via conventional channels and social media on my Contacts page.







9 thoughts on “Welcome to my website

    1. Hi. It’s lock down, I’m bored. Oh, and a reply would be nice. Wife washing up so better be quick…

      It’s by the way

      I’m a games designer, writer and thought I’d have a go at lyricist – am I wasting my time emailing you? Be honest; I got my bloody mary to taste.

      And I’m rubbish at tech so God knows if this’ll get where I’m sending it


      1. Hi there Colin, hope I’m replying to the right person. Been using WordPress for 15 years but it’s changed itself entirely and put all the tools in different hidden places. I’ve got an idea for MUD style, character-based, multi-level difficulty, competitive game for avoiding covid if were interested. If so, please email me on and I can send idea. (doesn’t matter if it gets nicked as it could become a school fad if made well). Sophie


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