Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 14.03.30Would you like your business, products or service to appear in the press? Have you thought of asking a freelance journalist to write a press story about your business? Or for the newspapers’ writers to know about you to include in a feature, putting you on the map?

Here is an example of 36 Things To Do this Bank Holiday in the West Briton, featuring a Falmouth based artist. This approach worked to promote Nate Valentino’s NYE DJ set at Toast and the Fish Factory in 2012, which was mentioned in the Guardian in an article on The Best New Things To Do In Cornwall.

While developing my app in 2021, I have been testing websites for maximum customer engagement – see testimonials – and have ghost written articles for the trade press. Here is a piece in METAL AM (Metal Additive Manufacturing) Magazine and its sister publications for Metal Powder Emergence. By working with the client Dr Gordon Kerr to understand his products, market and news, I turned his business information into an engaging article about his products, speaking directly to his desired customers amongst the magazines readership.

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If something newsworthy has happened, the press are often eager to hear about it and send out a reporter. However, how do you make your product, event or backstory newsworthy, so it is published in a newspaper or magazine, which reaches your audience?

Editorial Publicity

Here are some examples of stories I have been asked to write to promote people, products and events. The process starts with someone wanting to promote something. I will then ask who? what? when? where? and, most importantly, why? It is a great marketing skill for your business to think about what is interesting about what you do and how would you tell strangers about it?

My specialism is getting press coverage for clients by writing a complete story for the local newspapers. This means “finding the story”, which will interest people who read the local news, which raises a clients’ profile, brand and reputation and increases knowledge about a company’s existence.

I’ve had the Fish Factory mentioned in the Guardian and Nate Valentino featured in the ‘best things to do in New Year’s Eve’ for his DJ set at Toast. Otherwise, the Falmouth Packet and West Briton have printed various pieces between 2012 and 2019.

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 13.53.22Below are links to many articles I have had published for a variety of clients.

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New Pantheon Club auctions artwork for charity

Toast NYE 2017 – Nate Valentino

Cornwall Live – Best NYE Parties – Nate Valentino

I m currently starting a local business to promote new products, services, businesses and artists in and around Falmouth, while I develop my Micronutrient app.

Thank you to the Falmouth Packet and West Briton for publishing these releases:

New Pantheon Club at the Rugby Club – Falmouth Packet 31 March 2017

Old School Bar and Kitchen – Falmouth Packet 3 March 2017

Comedy Jam at Toast – Falmouth Packet 27 February 2017

Comedy Jam at Toast – Falmouth Packet 16 October 2016

Mishka Shubaly at Toast – Falmouth Packet 7 November 2016

Here are some cuttings that may have just been in print including Cirque Du Sille at the Poly in January, a gig in St Ives and more comedy events:

Jason Viney’s Diorama = West Briton

Mustard and Rye Falmouth Packet

Mustard and Rye – West Briton

Mustard and Rye – Falmouth Packet

Comedy Jam at Toast – West Briton

Comedy Jam at Toast – Falmouth Packet

Wild Zellas Falmouth PacketComedy Jam at Toast – West Briton

The Wild Zellas – Falmouth Packet

SourceFM Social – Falmouth Packet

Comedy in Cornwall – Falmouth Packet

SourceFM Social – Falmouth Packet

Mustard and Rye – Falmouth Packet