SSPR logoHow Sweet Sound PR works:

I create a purpose-built press campaign, designed to achieve the aims of each client. My specialty is in “editorial” PR, which means I write a series of objective news releases in a journalistic style, to be published without advertising spend. These are accompanied by photographs, which meet editorial photography guidelines.

Past, present and future clients include (links to examples of my work):

Most recent campaign for Scrumpstock. Will be promoting their next 3 events in 2016

Step One

Once a client has agreed to my proposed campaign, I then need to gather items for their “press pack”. This will contain all the information, quotes, contacts and photographs I will need to carry out the campaign, according to what the client wants to achieve.

The press pack contains:

  • Your artist’s biography
  • Your news written as a press release.
  • A 300dpi photograph saved with your name.
  • Links such as
    • website,
    • social media,
    • YouTube,
    • Soundcloud,
    • Digital music sales (iTunes, Tunecore etc)
    • Ticket sales website for an event.

The press pack is now available to the client for their own uses. Here is more information about what goes into your press pack. Having this information ready puts a music artist ahead of the pack as many talented musicians do not have this information to hand, do not like bragging about their achievements or have not thought out what information is useful and interesting to people who have already been impressed by their music.

Step Two

I write a series of news stories for the relevant press, using my experience in journalism, publishing and music promotion to maximise chances that what I send them will be published.

The first lesson I learned about PR was to do the journalist’s job for them. This has worked for me for 20 years (see examples linked from this website). The second lesson came from my training as a journalist: I start the news release with who, what, when, where and why so that, no matter how little of the article is used, all the important information will appear.

Cost of creating your press pack= £50

Cost of carrying out your press campaign = £100 a week (10 hours work).



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