I started writing parodies about college life for a student magazine, called Artholes, which a group of us teamed up to produce at art college.

Team of Artists

I recently found, when I reconnected via Facebook with the team of people who worked on our college magazine, that many of them had careers in the arts twenty years later. These people are:

  • Graphic designer Nicole Rassmuson
  • Musician Guillermo Guajardo,
  • Cartoonist and designer Rizal Adnan,
  • Photographer Christel Tranberg who works for Egmont Magasiner (Facebook),
  • Artist Hernando Maura who now designs scarves in Madrid,
  • Artist Sheila Okanga, and
  • Paula who helped Camilla Batman-Ghelidja start up The Place 2 Be.

Pond Square Recreation Society

Charcoal drawing for flyer
The hub of Dig and Delve

I found work with a local newspaper, The Muswell Record, in 1995 and devised a humour column called Dig and Delve with the newspaper’s editor.

This page generated a fanbase in Highgate Village and attracted regular letters from readers. Please follow the link above if you would like to see it.

Here are some of the columns that appeared in Deg and Delve

Effing and Blinding Cabaret

In 2007, I wrote 3 sketches which were performed by Extant Theatre’s Effing and Blinding Cabaret at the Edinburgh Festival. This act toured across the world and appears each St George’s Day at Dans Le Noir – the pitch dark dining experience which employs blind waiters – in London.

Shelved – a radio sketch show

Under the direction of Paul Dodgson, 24 of us on the MA in Professional Writing at University College Falmouth wrote and produced a radio sketch show called Shelved, with humour derived from the supermarket, which was broadcast on Source FM.

Kerby Grip Fanzine

If you are interested in seeing a fanzine I compiled recently for the comedy night I started in London, please get in touch and I will send you a digital copy.

I wrote three sketches for an event called Shop for Theatre, in December 2011. These sketches are linked from the Theatre page, where there are photographs of the event.


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