Camden New Journal

During the industrial placement, which followed my postgraduate in journalism, the editor of the Camden New Journal gave me the health features to write. These stories covered issues, which have re-emerged recently, while researching for a healthy eating app such as vitamin deficiencies, eating disorders, daily activity and dietary supplements.

Subsequently, since early 2020, I have been researching micronutrients we need for optimal mental and physical health, to create an app, which aims to make it easier for anyone to get the microntrients they need for optimal mental and physical healtth.

During 2020 and 2021, I have asked various questions on the Independent SAGE and had a letter published in What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine’s October 2021 issue.

The website for Hearth Nutrition app is here

The blog mentioned in What Doctors Don’t Tell You is here.

The Arberry Profile

In 2005, I wrote for a careers magazine for disabled graduates. I conducted interviews with RADAMaria Oshodi, a live music promoter, the Papworth Trust. Among other articles I wrote, one was a report on a charity which campaigned for publishers to produce digital versions of books for blind people. I reported on a talk on Dyslexia at SOAS in 2005, on Dyslexia in the Workplace.

If you are interested in hearing aids or Deaf artists, please see my page with articles I’ve written about Hearing

The Editorial Services page has a link to an article I wrote about joining the gym.

Doctors Versus Quacks

If history and the life of doctors is more of interest to you, please visit my London page on which is a link to my article about Harley Street.




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