I lived in London from 1989 until 2011, then moved to Falmouth to concentrate on my writing.

The spotlight seems to have turned on London as the host city for the 2012 Olympics. There is the newly completed Shard of Glass and the Thames cable car which links Victoria Docks to the 02 Arena in North Greenwhich will open in time for the Games. Here are some articles I wrote about parts of London.

People and Places

I enjoyed reporting on areas with an interesting history and a colourful community, for regional newspapers in London.

Marylebone Village – History and Marylebone today

Harley Street

Brecknock Road

Ivana Basilotta has had her dress designs worn on the red carpet at film premières and photographed in the gossip magazines on her celebrity clients. I went to find out about her design work.

To see my Restaurant Review, please visit the Editorial Services page for the Radisson Review link.

Tottenham Art Promotion

Ink pen drawing for local map

East side of Highgate High Street

For more about Highgate Village, please visit the Humour page


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