Here is a selection of articles I have written for various newspapers and magazines, ranging from the West Sussex County Times in 1987 up to the West Briton since I moved to Cornwall. Since living in Cornwall I have written mostly online, as well as for Devon Life about Cider.

Devon Cider Feature – Devon Life

Here is a selection of my published work going back to my industrial placement on the Camden New Journal, following my postgraduate certificate in periodical journalism (London College of Communication) in 1998.

Music journalism

Theatre Reviews 1998-2000

Dig and Delve – mid 1990s.

To see my current writing, please visit my blogs:

Dairy of a Nonny Moose – Commentary on current affairs, politics, environment, corporate practice, enterprise and life

How to Be BullyProof – compilation of ideas for how to protect yourself and others from bullying.

Hearth Nutrition – about micronutrients, the foods they come from, supplements and macronutrients.


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