30 years of published work and social enterprise

Throughout her working life and education, Sophie has had articles published on a variety of subjects, particularly on health and music.


What I do

App development

With information scattered across platforms, mediums and in bite-sized chunks, I research and compile this into tools to solve social issues. 



A charcoal drawing I produced for a promotion flyer

Marketing solutions

Creative marketing campaigns specialising in publication ready editorial publicity for businesses and artists, enhanced with social media organic reach and engagement. 



Promotion events

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Inclusion and diversity. On Glastonbury Festival’s Access Team

Why Work With Me

As we emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, businesses want to reach their customers and find new ones, so working with me means

  • Creative solutions
  • Research
  • Testing
  • Consumer engagement
  • Local newspaper publicity

Really pleased

“We are really pleased with what you have put together here.”

Eyes for Gertrude


Press and on-line articles

“Thank you for the press and on-line articles you have released I was really amazed by the number of places you have published this ! I am really grateful.”




“Perfecto…..THANK YOU!!!”

Jewels Entertainment for Devyn Rose.

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