Website content – how to keep new customers

Having recently opted for a fruit and veg box to be delivered by Cornish Food Markets, I sent them some feedback from the perspective of being a first time user of the website.

Every time a new customer lands on a website, the likelihood of them going through with a purchase could depend on how well the process is signposted from the first page they land on.

It is very easy for any company, with staff who are familiar with their own website and the systems they use, to not see what the first time customer sees, so they can provide information to lead that new customer through the process.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 15.33.46I sent feedback on my first time experience on the Cornish Food Market website, which was graciously received. The food box that arrived was very good. On my next visit to the website, I noticed they had used some of my comments in their new Quickstart Guide.

Here is a link to my feedback email.

This particularly demystified the process of booking and confirming a timeslot so that the Shopping Basket appears and it is then easy to continue shopping before  placing the order.

If you have a website and would like me to provide ‘First Time Visitor Feedback’ please email me at


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