Enhancing Your Chances Radio Show

Sundays on Source FM at 7.30pm

On Sunday 28 October, at 7.30pm I will be starting my radio show: Enhancing Your Chances on Source FM in Cornwall.

Instead of talking covering what how-to books already tell you about writing, painting, comedy etc, this show will be ongoingly investigating ways to pursue your creative skills.

Guests will be from the worlds of writing, film, comedy, dance, journalism, visual art, event organisation or acting, plus more as I find them. I will be asking them how they started in their careers, what hurdles they crossed at the beginning of those careers, what opportunities they are currently taking and their plans going forward for these activities.

One aspect that how-to books often don’t mention is how to deal with response from your chosen industry or the often experienced lack of response. I will look at the effects on industry, social mobility, diversity and quality of work in different areas that might result from the difficulty experienced by new entrants into a competitive creative industry.

I will also look at subjects including dyslexia that aren’t well catered for in academia and do a focus on successful people in the creative arts who appear on the Autistic Spectrum. i will review worthwhile reads about dyslexia and similar so-called ‘learning difficulties’ and the strengths often found in people who are ‘academically challenged.’


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